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Paul Sintha
Freediving Instructor Trainer & Examiner

The first Thai and most experienced Freediving Instructor Trainer & Examiner in the region. Paul started his diving 25 years ago as a diver then discovered a long hidden passion for freediving. His motivation lies in teaching and passing on new knowledge and skills for recreational divers and professional levels.  He believes freediving should be inspirational and exciting with mindset of motivating new divers by creating new experiences underwater. Through his approach he has helped thousands of divers overcome physical and mental obstacles of freediving in a safe and fun environment.  


Paul is an author of many best-selling diving books. He is affiliated with RAID / NAUI / PADI / SSI. He is CPR, First-aid & Oxygen provider, certified Adaptive Technique  for freediving. He's Monofin & Mermaid Instructor, Competition Safety Freediver and Spearfishing Instructor.


Alan Tropics
Freediving Instructor Trainer & Examiner

SSI’s First Freediving Instructor Trainer, she built the SSI Freediving Program from its conception in 2008 with Mike Wells, the author and founder of the SSI freediving program. She has been  and still the face of SSI Freediving.


The Australian Record Holders. Alana is well-respected for her professionalism and experiences in teaching freedivers to instructors at highest levels. She is WSF/RAID/SSI Instructor Trainer & Examiner.


Alana is also the founder of Freedive HQ in the Philippines, one of the top freediving hubs in the world.  

Champ Chanatip
RAID Freediving Instructor (Level 1)

In addition to the attention that he’s received as an famous actor, Champ has also caught the freediving world by his energy and enthusiasm. He believes that perfection through training.   Champ has spent more time than most on and in the sea.

Golf MiniGolf
RAID Freediving Instructor (Level 1)

Passionate freediver, Golf shares his experience now as an instructor. Following suggestion from his instructors and friends, Golf now have started to dive competitively. His background in music industry has helped him focus when freediving

Pawarisa Machathikun
RAID Freediving Instructor (Level 1)

Long standing diver, Zoey is an experienced instructor. She is renowned for skin and scuba diving. Her strong intent for beautiful world of freediving and teaching has opened up a new perspective for her students. She is also SSI Freediving Instructor

Pai Partith
RAID Freediving Instructor Candidate

A well-known actor, athlete and certified freediver. Pai is highly motivated candidate freediving instructor. He has had a special relationship with water, swimming, diving, travelling and film-making

Chris Haslam
Freediving Instructor (Level 3)
Tec Dive Trainer & Examiner

Co-founder of WSF/RAID Asia. In addition to SCUBA and Tec Instructor Trainer, he is an experienced Freediving Instructor. Chris travels around the globe and finds his passion in diving. He spends most of his time on Koh Tao, the US  and Australia

Toon Boxing Slam
RAID Freediving Instructor (Level 1) inactive status

Boxing enthusiast and gym owner, Toon is a dedicated freediver and passionated individual. He's completed his training yet continue learning new boatmanship and diving experiences by submerging himself in the training ground of Samaesarn. A personality of good fun to be with.

Aom Paknam
RAID Freediving Instructor Trainer Candidate

A playful teacher, Aom is well loved by her students and people around her. She is known for powerful practice, intuitive understanding of physiology in freediving with her creative, and engaging teaching style.

Rat Apirat
RAID Freediving Instructor (Level 1)

A certified CPR/AED instructor, Rat is a strong candidate with many qualifications in deep freediving from AIDA, SSI and now becoming RAID/WSF Freedive Instructor. He's one talented personality one would say hard to miss

Wut Natawut
RAID Freediving Instructor (Level 2)

A well-known actor, Wut is a highly dedicated individual. He's been trained with top-notched Freedive Center - Sea Mastermind. A certified PADI / RAID Advanced Freediver, CPR/AED, PADI Safety Freediver. His eagerness and motivation in teaching are second to none

Off Sompol
NAUI Freediving & Mermaid Instructor 

A certified CPR/AED instructor, Off is an experienced and long standing SCUBA instructor with NAUI His enthusiasm in freediving has made him into the program. Surely some of his SCUBA student will be missing him for a while.

Farm Nattawut
NAUI Freediving Instructor Candidate

Hottest man as SCUBA instructor. Farms joins the program to earn his Freediver Instructor Designation with NAUI. Soon we'd have more quality instructor for the freediving community

Top Rojanin
NAUI Skin Diving & Mermaid Instructor

Top is a highly motivated and determined freediver with a great sense of humor. He has developed an excellent understanding of the diving industry years of working professionally

Saipan Apinya
NAUI Skin Diving & Mermaid Instructor

Well known for many things; acting, SCUBA, her love of running business, but certainly not least, her passion for freeediving. This passion shines through in her diving journey with Alchemy fins as business owner for the famous blades

Punk Phatchara
NAUI Skin Diving & Mermaid Instructor

Punk discovered he could share his passion through teaching others to overcome physical and mental obstacles of freediving in a safe & fun environment. He believes these are the key elements to overcome fears and therefore truly discover what the ocean has to offer.

Captain Nui Samaesarn
NAUI Freediving Instructor 

Captain Nui has been running dive/snorkel vessels for many years and is one of the most experienced boat captain’s in Samaesarn. Nui now became an instructor and has continued to enjoy thousands of his customers with more skills and knowledge

Pat Blueprodigy
RAID Freediving Instructor Candidate

A skillful freediver, PAT is not in training as a freediving instructor. He owns a tour operator in the south of Thailand and recently remain active in tourism

S__64036918 (2).jpg
Nook Blueprodigy
RAID Freediving Instructor Candidate

Nook joins own team of 2021 student and continue his internship until now. He is a master of freediving technique with watermanship skills

Nan Petsaifar
NAUI Freediving Instructor 

A Molchanov and PADI Advanced certified Freediver, Nan is dedicated to freediving as a career and heading for competitive competitions 

Opal Na Chan
NAUI Freediving Instructor 

Opal is a true enthusiast in all diving realm. He is an adventurer, divers and currently enrolled in a dive master course as well.

Yas Salma
NAUI Freediving Instructor 

Having owned her dive shop with his mermaid instructor partner in life, Yas is determined to start his ambition in freediving as an educator and trip leader

Boom Na Udon
NAUI Freediving Instructor Candidate

Boom is an experience SCUBA instructor. He has extended his interested in NAUI freediving and currently in intensive training to achieve his life-long goal for the deepth.

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RAID Freediving
naui black-01.png
NAUI Freediving

RAID Freediving is internationally Recognised Freediver certification . A benchmark brand for quality freedive training globally through improved technology, training techniques, a proactive quality control system and ensuring the highest standard of freediver instructors

NAUI has long been recognized as the leader in diver training, offering both freediving and scuba diving courses to the general public since 1960. NAUI offers the most cutting-edge and safest training standards in the sport and recreational freediving. 

WSF / RAID / NAUI Freediving are members of World Recreational Training SCUBA Training Council and ISO 24801-2 certified

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