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Paul Sintha
Course Director

Paul is an experience NAUI SCUBA Course Director and certified First Aids CPR and AED Instructor Trainer. He is Emergency Oxygen provider Instructor and Adaptive Technique  Specialist for SCUBA diving. His expertise extends to underwater photography and deep sea exploration.


Bank Rachvaraporn
SCUBA Instructor & CPR AED Instructor

Bank is an experienced First Responder, certified Dive Master and professional fire fighter. He's well respect amongst Bangkok's first responders' community as well as in dive industry

Poom Paveena
SCUBA Instructor
Instructor Trainer Candidate

A traveler turn dive professional. Poom is an operation manager of Sea Mastermind Inc and now spend most of her time gain more appetite in diving and teaching. She is good fun to be with and a true educator

Kit Kittisak
Instructor Candidate & certified Dive Master

One of the hottest man in diving. He is an educator and one of the most sought after dive leader. He loves travelling and spending more time with his trucks.

Dew Chanunyu
Instructor Candidate & certified Dive Master

Dew is no new face in SCUBA diving. He's been around for a long time, made loads of friends. He loves women and they love him back. Good for him!

Joe Komkrib
SCUBA Instructor

Co-founder of a well-known Rayong SCUBA operator. Joe is an experienced dive master and engineer. He lives quietly with his wife and kids, spend most of his time trekking and mountaineering.

Nat Nilsawat
SCUBA Instructor 

After working on dive boats and resorts as a dive master for a number of years Nat decided to join instructor program. He continues to enjoy teaching his students and share incredible dive experience to all who are willing.


The National Association of Underwater Instructors. The Definition of Diving®. NAUI is the world's leading non-profit association of scuba diver training.

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NAUI Freediving

NAUI has long been recognized as the leader in diver training, offering both freediving and scuba diving courses to the general public since 1960. NAUI offers the most cutting-edge and safest training standards in the sport and recreational freediving. 

RAID Freediving

RAID Freediving is internationally Recognised Freediver certification . A benchmark brand for quality freedive training globally through improved technology, training techniques, a proactive quality control system and ensuring the highest standard of freediver instructors

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